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Sometimes Less Truly Is More (In Hiring and Life)

New York has always been called the city that never sleeps, but it’s the world in general these days that never seems to turn off. If you’re up at 2am and want to schedule and pay for your groceries? Just open up your laptop. Need a pair of boots by the weekend? Amazon can have that to you tomorrow. The device next to you lighting up every five minutes? It’s letting you know what’s going on with anyone, anywhere at any time. These are amazing feats of technology and most are quite convenient, but is it all necessary or is it just noise?

There’s a minimalism movement happening. The popularity of tiny homes, endless books on decluttering and simplifying your lives, and the encouragement to have tech-free days, dinners, what have you. It’s easy to reach a saturation point being constantly connected and it’s important to remember to step back and focus your thoughts and energy on what really matters to you.

All of these principles also apply to your life and health as a professional, as an organization and all throughout your hiring processes. There are more job seekers per job opportunity than ever before, and the likelihood of getting swept up in the noise of endless applications and resumes is overwhelming. Taking a step back from the overflowing inbox and strings of scheduled interviews and examining how effective your process is (or potentially isn’t) can bring you to the realization that you need to simplify.

Competency based assessments can simultaneously simplify your hiring process while boosting its effectiveness. Through the use of these assessments, each candidate can be placed on a level playing field, and by having a clear measure of which candidates best fit the job profile prior to scheduling an interview, the process of elimination becomes simpler than ever. Competency based assessments can reveal hard-wired and learned traits about a candidate that can’t be gained from a face-to-face conversation. You’ll have more confidence in your hires, and they’re more likely to stay, saving you time and money in turnover costs. We’ve made this happen for organizations across the country – check it out here.

Technology may complicate many things in today’s world, but it also has the power to simplify, and save you time, money and hassle in the process. Who wouldn’t be in favor of that?

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