Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods

CPGs, which include food and beverages, clothing, and thousands of everyday household products, represent a market niche that will surely retain a steady stream of consumers now and in the future. Still, this is a competitive industry with high market saturation, so employees at all levels must be fully engaged and committed to leveraging success at your organization.

Market research, technological advances, and manufacturing relationships are increasingly important to the success of organizations in this industry. The Devine Group can assist you in reducing risk and liabilities, and streamlining employee hiring and development through solutions best suited to your company and its goals.


Help your employees attain the skills needed to conduct a successful structured behavioral interview.

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Devine Hourly Selection

Measure potential for poor attendance and low productivity in high-turnover hourly positions.

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Devine Salaried Selection

Create a workforce with a high success potential and compatibility with your company culture.

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Engagement Survey

Give employees the opportunity to anonymously offer their opinions about their workplace environment.

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Devine Exit Survey

Know, rather than guess, your company's main causes of attrition.

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Critical Thinking Inventory

Measure the analytical skills of leadership-level employees.

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Devine 360

Get a complete picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your employees.

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Devine Inventory

Ensure that employees hired for specific roles continue to grow and develop.

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