When team dynamics are identified as an inhibitor to success, the Devine Inventory Team report takes a thorough look at team members in a specific position, helping to identify potential training needs, as well as alignment of cultural strengths, to the strategic vision of your organization.

How does the team assessment work?

Each team member will take the Devine Inventory Assessment and the results are aggregated to a single report. The Devine Inventory Team presents group results side by side. A detailed report indicates the impact of individuals upon the group, and highlights both group and individual strengths and development needs. Data shows which individuals enhance team performance or need training to improve output potential.

Report Options

The Devine Inventory Team output reports are flexible to accommodate a variety of business needs. Target specific teams for project or leadership, aggregate full company results for a cultural analysis or boost revenue through our Sales Talent Optimizer program with a comprehensive output of recommended roles and training for each sales person.