Competency assessments are powerful tools that provide decision makers a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s ability to succeed in a job, and their ability to fit within an organization’s culture. Competency assessments, unlike traditional personality assessments, provide decision makers an understanding of how an employee or candidates’ behavioral traits relate to their ability to perform a specific job. Competency assessments have evolved past confusing DISC reports or a large list of behavioral data that doesn’t relate to the position.

Competency based assessments are used for a multitude of reasons within a company from hiring to succession planning and everything in between. When hiring, you’re likely to create a list of desired traits and capabilities the ideal candidate will possess, but it can be difficult to assess these characteristics from a simple interview and resume review. Competency based assessments can assess a candidate from a much deeper perspective, allowing you to get a clearer vision of the candidate as a person and potential employee by measuring their natural behavioral traits against skills needed to perform at a high level.

Because our competency based assessments can be customized to fit any job profile in any industry, it allows for better understanding of what you need from candidates and current employees so you can properly align their abilities with organizational goals.

You can utilize competency based assessments for development by creating a checklist for which employees and employers can keep over time to note employees’ progress. By focusing efforts on development needs, employees and their leaders can co-create a plan for improvement based on actionable items. Where succession planning is concerned, these assessments allow you to evaluate a leader’s ability to excel under pressure, create long-term plans and manage others effectively.

Simply put, our competency based assessments are powerful data tools to better understand talent. What you can’t gain from a high-level interview can be supplied through psychometric assessments. Their ease of use, broad applicability and validity provide tangible value to the organizations that use them.

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Competency Based Assessments Guide

Let us deepen your understanding of how competency based assessments play a major role in building a strong organization from the point of hire to the development of your most tenured leadership.

The Evolution of Employee Assessments

Not all employee assessments are created equal. Download the infographic to see a breakdown of the history of assessments and learn why competency based assessments offer the best ROI among countless other advantages.